3 In 1 Probiotic For Healthy Gut?


3 In 1 Probiotic For Healthy Gut?

Many adults suffer from digestive issues like gas and bloating without realizing that they can actually help reduce these problems by rebalancing bacterium levels within their gut.

Probiotics like Natren Healthy Trinity combine certain good bacteria that work to help eliminate bad bacteria and toxins that build up within the digestive system overtime. By regulating bacteria levels, the body is better able to keep the immune system strong preventing illness and disease.

What Is Natren Healthy Trinity?

Natren Healthy Trinity is a potent probiotic product developed to help improve gut function leading to better health and wellness. Bacteria buildup within the gut can be caused by poor diet and slow digestion.

By adding a probiotic to the diet people can help regulate the good bacteria in their gut and eliminate the bad bacteria. Increasing the levels of good bacteria Healthy Trinity can help strengthen the immune system while reducing digestive issues like gas, bloating, and diarrhea. Healthy Trinity offers one of the strongest probiotics currently available on the market.

How Does It Work?

Manufactured by Natren, Healthy Trinity is the most potent probiotic offered by this company. Safe for use by children over the age of eight and adults of all ages, this daily supplement can help support digestive health and prevent gas and constipation.

By using an oil matrix system called the Trenev Process allows all three strains of bacteria to survive the acidic properties of the intestinal system and stomach. Each strain of bacteria targets different areas of the gut leading to optimum digestive support.

Ingredients in Natren Healthy Trinity

As the name suggests, Healthy Trinity blends three different strains of bacteria each chosen to target a specific part of the digestive system. A super strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus is added at high levels (5 billion cfu) and works to support healthy small intestine function.

20 billion cfu of the bacterium Bifidobacterium bifidum works to support large intestine health and Lactobacillus bulgaricus works to regulate bacteria levels within the entire digestive system. Healthy Trinity is vegan friendly and just as effective at supporting gut health as loose powders.

Pricing For Natren Healthy Trinity

Interested consumers can purchase Healthy Trinity online through the Natren company website at www.natren.com.

Single bottles contain thirty capsules and are available for $69.95. Purchases of two bottles will save consumers a bit of money at $126.95. Consumers who anticipate using this product frequently or have a family may want to consider purchasing the three-bottle pack for $175.95.

Should You Use Natren Healthy Trinity?

The makers of Healthy Trinity have been working in the field of probiotics for over thirty years. During this timeframe Natren’s scientists have worked hard to find the best combination and potency of bacterium for optimum gut health. The only drawback of this product may be the size of the capsules.

Natren recommend that children under the age of eight use their loose powder formulas to prevent difficulty swallowing capsules. Consumers can compare the entire range of probiotics offered by Natren and decide if Healthy Trinity or one of the other formulas is the best fit.


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